Education for all: Empowering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives in K-12


EUGENE, Oregon - Extanto Technology, LLC. fills a crucial need for truly equitable K-12 education for all students, especially in a continually diversifying social and political climate. In order to make DEI initiatives meaningful and impactful, Extanto offers linguistic analysis of K-12 curriculum in order to address the needs of school districts across the United States.


Given the wide breadth of diverse cultures and histories within the U.S., Extanto offers a foundation of DEI analysis based on both best practices as well as federal, state, and local initiatives and mandates towards equitable K-12 education. Extanto has worked with clients in the Northeast, South, Midwest, and Pacific Northwest on bringing and sustaining a cultural competency to curriculum and highlighting DEI concerns regarding issues of bias and exclusion along lines of race, gender, sex, sexuality, ability, socio-economic status, national origin, etc.,


Extanto’s DEI team developed an in-depth rubric in order to evaluate curriculum. Both architects and University of Oregon faculty, Dr. Jeneé Wilde and Instructor Avinnash P. Tiwari devote their scholarly, teaching, and service responsibilities to issues of power and difference. Tiwari and Wilde have served as chairs of their department’s Diversity committee, working to bring concrete results to ideals of equity. Together with the Extanto DEI team, they have focused on articulating their research and scholarship on DEI for K-12 educators, helping to make a dynamic and complex network of issues accessible to those new or unfamiliar with DEI work.


Ultimately, Extanto offers a partnership with school districts to support their DEI work. Results of the team’s linguistic analysis of curriculum are rendered in precise, easily understood language that district leaders and educators can use to make informed decisions about the materials they are offering students. Through this process, Extanto and their partners can materially address DEI issues, their disruptions to education paths, and the effect this has on marginalized students. Extanto’s work with major education publishers, such as Pearson, Cengage, Macmillan Learning, McGraw Hill Higher Education, means that Extanto is also knowledgable about the complicated relationships between publishers and districts, while bringing a constant awareness of how these dynamics impact students. Extanto is ready to help school districts turn their vision of equitable education for all into reality.


For more information about this service and how it can benefit marginalized student populations in your districts, contact Extanto at (503) 344-6613 or visit


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