Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Content Auditing Program and Community for Educators and Administrators

Extanto is first to market with K-12 DEI content auditing services. We review teaching materials for linguistic concepts pertaining to diversity, equity, and inclusion according to the latest DEI standards and best practices. We focus on the intersections of difference such as race, bias, gender, culture, ability, socio-economic status, national origin, etc.

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We render our findings in precise, everyday language that can then be used to make informed decisions about the material. Our testing rubric is based, in part, on the UN Human Rights Commission standards and the work done by the University of Michigan, considered to be the national thought leader on DEI, as well the USC Center for Race and Equity, to name but a few. We do our very best to make certain that our testing criteria and review results are as objective and current as possible.


 Program Includes:

  • Content audit of user-selected titles published to district-wide user portal
  • Access to DEI issue-oriented stakeholder forums
  • Stakeholder social circles
  • Consulting available at $60.00 per hour

Pricing is per school district per year and grants portal access to all staff and faculty in the district. Special discounted rates are available for bundled districts or ESDs.



10 titles inclusive:

  •  Four K-5 titles
  • Two 6-8 titles
  • Four 9-12 titles

Pricing for additional titles per year as shown in the following table:

Per page pricing for additional titles during service year:

  Cost Per Page Pg/Hr Process Rate
K-5 Pricing $0.64 160 pg/hr
6-8 Pricing $0.89 95 pg/hr
9-12 Pricing $1.75 45 pg/hr
AP title Pricing $2.28 33 pg/hr
College Pricing $3.35/pg 15 pg/hr


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